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Are you: At least 18 years of age? Living in Canada? Interested in participating in a survey regarding your cultural and social values? If so, we invite you to participate in our research project.


New book co-edited by NCF Director Lori G. Beaman focuses on the positive content of nonreligion and explores the nonreligious imaginaries that emerge in a range of world-repairing practices, including ethical consumption, community organizing and environmental activism. This book features short essays from several NCF team members including Peter Beyer, Solange Lefebvre, Douglas Ezzy, Juan Marco Vaggione and Brian Clarke.

Trekking Toward Awe: Nonreligion in a Complex Future project examines nonreligion and hiking

Check out this blog post about our Trekking project from the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences!

Nonreligion in a Complex Future Meet the Author Webinar Series:

Leading and emerging scholars discussing Nonreligion.

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In this installment of our webinar series, author Nathan Alexander will discuss his book Race in a Godless World.

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In this installment of our webinar series, author Anne-Laure Zwilling will discuss her edited collection Indifférence religieuse ou athéisme militant ?

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Nonreligion in a Complex Future

La Nonreligion dans un Futur Complexe

The Nonreligion in a Complex Future (NCF) project is an international, comparative, interdisciplinary research project which identifies the social impact of the rapid and dramatic increase of nonreligion in Canada, Australia, the Nordic countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland), the United States, the United Kingdom, and Latin America (Brazil and Argentina).

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