Contributors to the project are scholars who are not formal members of the NCF Project but frequently consult with our team members and work on some of our emerging projects. This page is designed to highlight these scholars and provide some information about their research interests.

Camila Nicácio

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Camila Silva Nicácio (Ph.D. Université Paris I – Pantheón Sorbonne – Degree in Anthropology of Law) is an Adjunct Professor of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) Law School, Brazil. She is also a Member of the research group ‘Religion in the Contemporary World’ at the Brazilian Center for Analysis and Planning (CEBRAP).

Her research in the last few years has been focused on the question of access to justice, with investigations on the impacts observed by the growing use of non-adversarial means of conflict management, notably mediation. It has taken into consideration a context of normative production marked by a pluralism of sources of law, actors of law, and arenas of law production. Her current research interests are focused primarily on four major areas : the interface between law/religion, legal pluralism, human rights, and religious intolerance. She is the author of Des normes et des liens. Médiation et complexité juridique (Saarbrücken, Presses académiques francophones, 2013).

Kati Tervo-Niemelä

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Tervo-Niemelä Kati is a Professor of Practical Theology at the University of Eastern Finland. Tervo-Niemelä also holds a title of Docent in Religious Education (2002) at the University of Helsinki. Her research covers many areas of practical theology, religious education and church and social studies. Tervo-Niemelä has previously worked as a Senior Researcher at Church Research Institute (2000-2012), and as Senior Lecturer and Professor in Church and Social Studies at the University of Helsinki (2012-2018). Her main research interests have been (1) the clergy career and ministry formation; the work orientation and well-being; (2) religion and the lifespan; (3) religious affiliation and disaffiliation, (4) the youth and religion, (5) religious rituals and (6) religion and the media. Tervo-Niemelä is a co-leader of a Templeton-funded project “Transmission of Religion across Generations: A comparative international study of continuities and discontinuities in family socialization” (2019-2022). Tervo-Niemelä is a member of Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (since 2016).

Margit Warburg

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Margit Warburg is a Professor in Sociology of Religion, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen. Her research interests are the relationship between religion, migration and globalisation, religion and demography; religion and state; religious minorities, civil religion; religion among Danes in and outside Denmark.

Hugo H. Rabbia

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Hugo H. Rabbia is a researcher at the Instituto de Investigaciones Psicológicas (IIPsi, CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba) in Córdoba, Argentina. From 2015 to 2018, he was part of the international Templeton-funded project entitled: “The transformation of lived religion in urban Latin America.” He has authored several papers and books. The most recent one is: “La religión como experiencia cotidiana: creencias, prácticas y narrativas espirituales en Sudamérica” (2019, Córdoba – Lima – Montevideo: EDUCC, PUCP, UCU). His research in the last few years has been focused on lived religion and (non)religion, religion and sexual politics, and religious/non-religious and socio-political attitudes. Currently, he is working on the activism toward laicism and the separation between Church and State in Argentina. He is also Professor of Political Psychology at the Cordoba’s Catholic University (UCC).