April 2020 – March 2021 | Publications


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Book Chapters

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  • Beyer, Peter (2020). “Global Migration, Religious Diversity, and Dialogue: Toward a Post-Westphalian Circumstance.” In Religious Diversity and Interreligious Dialogue, edited by Anna Körs, Wolfram Weisse, and Jean-Paul Willaime, 27-42. Berlin: Springer.
  • Bramadat, Paul, Rachel Brown, and Sylvia Collins-Mayo (2020). “Complicating Religious Identities through the Social Relations of Prayer.” In Prayer as Transgression: The Social Relations of Prayer in Healthcare Settings, edited by Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Sonya Sharma, Rachel Brown, and Melania Calestani, 122-137. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.
  • Campana, Maximiliano (2020). “The Case of Argentina.” In Anti-gender politics in Latin America, edited by Sonia Corrêa, 34-66. Rio de Janeiro: Associação Brasileira Interdisciplinas de Aids – ABIA.
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  • Reimer-Kirkham, Sheryl, and Lori G. Beaman (2020). “Creating an Inclusive Public Sphere: Healthcare and the Role of Prayer.” In Prayer as Transgression? The Social Relations of Prayer in Healthcare Settings, edited by Sheryl Reimer-Kirkham, Sonya Sharma, Rachel Brown, and Melania Calestani, 37-53. Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press.
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