April 2019 – March 2020 | Publications

Journal Articles

  • Beaman, Lori G., Selby, Jennifer A. and Amélie Barras. (2020). « L’angle mort de la « laïcité ouverte » : Les processus de navigation et négociations dans le vécu religieux au Canada, » Social Compass, 67, no. 1 :45-58.
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  • Beaman, Lori G. and Peter Beyer. (2019). “Dimensions of Diversity: Toward a more Complex Conceptualization,” in special issue: “Religion, Power, and Resistance: New Ideas for a Divided World,” edited by Anna Halafoff, Sam Han, Caroline Starkey, and James Spickard, Religions 10, no 10: 559-574.
  • Beyer, Peter. (2020). “Religion in Interesting Times: Contesting Form, Function, and Future,” Sociology of Religion, 81, no. 1: 1-19.
  • Bramadat, Paul. (2019). “A Bridge Too Far: Yoga, Spirituality and Contested Space in the Pacific Northwest,” Religion, State and Society, 47, no. 4: 491-507.
  • Hammer, Joseph H., and Ryan T. Cragun. (2019). “Daily Spiritual Experiences and Well-Being among the Nonreligious, Spiritual, and Religious: A Bifactor Analysis,” Psychology of Religion and Spirituality, 11, no. 4: 463-473.
  • Cragun, Ryan (2019). “Questions You Should Never Ask an Atheist: Towards Better Measures of Nonreligion and Secularity,” Secularism and Nonreligion, 8: 1-6.
  • Smith, Jesse M., and Ryan T. Cragun. (2019). “Mapping Religion’s Other: A Review of the Study of Nonreligion and Secularity,” Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 58, no. 2: 319-335.
  • Prehn, Jacob, and Douglas Ezzy. (2020). “Decolonising the health and well-being of Aboriginal men in Australia,” Journal of Sociology, 56, no. 2: 151-166.
  • Furseth, Inger. (2020). “Den norske kirke for ‘nordmenn’? Et sosiologisk blikk på immigranter og kirke,” [Church of Norway for ‘Norwegians’? A sociological perspective on immigrants and church,] Kirke og kultur, 124, no. 3: 280-290.
  • Lövheim, Mia. (2019). “‘The Swedish Condition’: Representations of Religion in the Swedish Press 1988–2018,” in special issue “Religion in Nordic newspapers,” Temenos, 55, no.2: 271–292.
  • Finn, Melissa, and Bessma Momani. (2109) “Transnational Citizenship Mobilization among Canadian Arab Youth: An Engaged Social Movement for Change in the Middle East,” Canadian Ethnic Studies, 51, no. 1: 25-68.
  • Montero, Paula. (2020). “Religious Pluralism and its impacts in Brazilian Secularism,” Secular Studies, 2, no. 01, pp. 14-29.
  • Montero, Paula. (2019). “Religião e laicidade: duas categorias em construção,” REVER, Revista de Estudos da Religião, Pontificia Universidade Católica /SP e Universidade Católica Portuguesa, 19, no. 3: 349-366.
  • Vaggione, Juan Marco, and Maria Machado. (2020). “Religious Patterns of Neoconservatism in Latin America,” Politics & Gender, 16, no. 1.
  • Vaggione, Juan Marco. (2020). “The conservative uses of law: The Catholic mobilization against gender ideology,” Social Compass, 67, no, 2: 252-266.
  • Monte, Maria, and Juan Marco Vaggione. (2019). “Cortes irrumpidas. La judicialización conservadora del aborto en Argentina,” Rupturas, 9, no. 1: 107-125.


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Book Chapters

  • Barras, Amélie. (2019). “A rights based discourse to contest the boundaries of state secularism? The case of the headscarf ban in France and Turkey.” In The European Court of Human Rights and Minority Religions, edited by Effie Fokas and James Richardson, 104-127. London:
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